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Our Global Ambassadors

In every generation, small numbers of people are forerunners in thought, action and spirit who selflessly offer their time and resources to hold the torch high for the rest of us. These are the selfless riders who had volunteer their time while on the road to bring awareness to extreme poverty and hunger around the world. This is their story, this is their tribute.

Not many married couples tackle the long road for extended time, but Erin and Coburn Black, are determined to make it happen. They took the leap and started their planning in January 2010. They put the common excuses of money, jobs, and belongings behind to embark on a transcontinental motorcycle trip.“Our trip is not just a ‘vacation’ to us, but more of a chance to experience life and grow closer with each other. We would love the opportunity to be more than tourists in countries that we visit, and really submerge ourselves in their cultures. We are committed to helping along the way especially towards something so vital to every human being: food! No one deserves to be hungry especially after you see the extreme waste of food and water in the North American society.” Coburn explains.

In the early chaotic state of their packing and moving, they offered their help and expressed their interest to make a difference, and we are honored to have them with us. Their trip is not the one to miss, and we wish them the best and hope to see them on the road.

Erin and Coburn Black
Country of Residence: Canada

I want to live an interesting life, see the world in an interesting way and share my experiences, whatever those experiences may be.Born in a small town in Ontario, Canada to a family of humble means, I learned early that life is not always easy; as soon as I could I decided to change that for myself. Education and hard work were the keys to change. At the age 0f 18, I moved to Toronto to peruse education and career opportunities.I have had a sense of adventure for as long as I can remember. As a small boy, I wanted to venture outside, beyond the yard; as a teenager I wanted to drive to the next township; as a young man I left my family’s country home for life in the big city. Obtaining a good education, climbing the corporate ladder and assuming family duties restricted my wanderlust for many years. But, hard work, difficult choices and some good fortune have created a set of circumstances that will allow me to set out on my new adventure.This adventure is also an opportunity for me to help others. After stumbling upon Motorcycle Memoirswhile researching this trip, I became inspired to lend support. I have seen the effects of hunger during my previous adventures and now have the opportunity to make a difference on this one.

Greg Powell
Country of Residence: Canada