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bonIt is the mission, duty and purpose of Transcontinental Humanitarian Corp. to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to eradicate chronic malnutrition and hunger on a local and global level. It is our duty to be available when we are capable to provide one of the most important yet basic human rights to ordinary people during times of extraordinary tribulation by trying to help them to secure their humanity through the provision of food.

There are injustices on every corner of this planet, but none comes close to the genocide that is being committed against poorest of the poor: imposed hunger. Poverty has many causes and definitions. Although the measurement of poverty is selective on most aspects, it is absolute at the extreme end of the spectrum: starvation.

Half the population of the earth is suffering from hunger. Although our planet produces twice the amount of food needed to feed its population, we still have a crisis in every developing, and under-developed country. As a result of starvation, one person dies each second, 4,000 every hour – 100,000 each day – 36 million per year – 58% of all deaths. Of those numbers, every five seconds a child under the age of five dies of starvation. 700 every hour – 16,000 each day – 6 million per year – 60% of all child deaths.

In the year 2003 – 10.6 million children died of malnourishment.  This is equal to the child population of Germany, Greece, France and Italy combined.  These are just the mortality figures. To cap it off, in 2005, the wealthiest 20% of the world accounted for 76.6% of total private consumption; the poorest fifth, just 1.5%. Approximately 790 million people in the developing world are still chronically undernourished – almost two thirds of which reside in Asia and the Pacific.


Transcontinental Humanitarian Corp. provides education on chronic malnutrition and hunger through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics. We provide this information by presenting live media interviews, lectures and slideshows titled, “The World Hunger Exhibition,” at schools, libraries and other public venues.  These presentations focus on the causes, current efforts and solutions to chronic malnutrition and hunger. They also highlight the geographical, economical, and social aspects of chronic malnutrition.

Transcontinental Humanitarian Corp. aims to provide disaster relief aid in the form of food and water to the severely disadvantaged who are affected by either a lack of existing community resources or a lack of funding and supplies to existing local infrastructures in the time of need. Transcontinental Humanitarian Corp. operates and focuses its resources locally and globally to communities who meet the aforementioned criteria regardless of their geographical location.We provide disaster relief aid through organizing volunteers to serve in affected areas by coordinating and carrying out the distribution of food and water.

Oh if a man tried

To take his time on Earth

And prove before he died

What one man’s life could be worth

I wonder what would happen to this world… Harry Chapin