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September 9th, 2009 - Teslin Lake, Yukon Territories

When I woke up, Stephanie was already gone, so I packed up and got on the way. I talked to Gib this morning and he is meeting me at Watson Lake on Friday. From Watson Lake, we are planning to travel together all the way to Oregon, fundraising on street corners all the way.

I covered the 170km section of the Alaska Highway to Teslin Lake and stopped at the Yukon Motel, in Teslin. Teslin Lake is one the biggest lakes in Yukon Territories and can be seen for miles while driving on the Alaska Highway. In fact, it seemed so big that I thought it would never end. It might have had something to do with the drizzling cold rain that was hitting my face, but it sure looked like the Pacific Ocean.

At the Yukon Motel, I talked to Juanita Kremer, the owner of the lodge and she generously sponsored my accommodation for the night. The Yukon Motel consists of a gas station, large RV Park, restaurant, several cabins and an amazing wildlife museum. It is a lake front property with a beautiful view of Teslin Lake. The wildlife museum is one-of-a-kind, stocked with most creatures of the north in a magnificent display setting. I am just happy to be out of the cold for the night and I’m heading to Watson Lake tomorrow to meet up with Gib.

Tonight I received an email from a guy in Guatemala named Oscar stating [sic]: “congratulation for your travel is very interesant please visit this tread this open in honor of yor travel”.

I checked out the site and emailed him back in Spanish saying thank you for his efforts and so on. He wrote me back: “Gracias a dios hablas español por que yo no hablo casi nada de ingles”.

After a few emails I got to understand the depth of the efforts these guys are putting into collecting food for poor people in Guatemala. These guys are not waiting for foreign assistance and took the matter of feeding their people into their own hands. I salute their determination and fortitude. Although they are not rich by any means, they are playing their part. Please visit this link to see their efforts: (you can use the Google translator if your Spanish is rusty like mine)

Guatemala is among the 10 poorest countries in Latin America and according to World Bank, more than 33% of the population is living in poverty. I will be visiting Guatemala in 3 months or so but in the mean time, I’m reaching out right here and now to teachers, doctors, farmers, livestock growers, … to answer my call. I can arrange for your accommodation and tools so you could teach and practice there, if even for a short period. I’m only one man and can do just so much.

They need your expertise and resources; they are a proud and willing people who just need a helping hand. Please contact me if you are willing to help however you can. I need volunteers for many different tasks and projects. Let’s be united; let’s feed a piece of bread to a hungry child. I’m begging you… please make a donation, even if not here, please go to donation page on my website and support an organization of your choice.

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  1. expatbiker
    September 10, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Sir, may I take my hat off to you for not only being adventurous enough of to do an RTW on a classic bike but also to have the heart to be thinking of less fortunate people and making this your commitment.

    Anybody who quotes Harry Chapin has got to have his heart and priorities correctly aligned.

    Having lived in the Philippines for many years and being involved in helping deserving people here I applaud all your efforts.

    As soon as I can access your website i will be showing my commitment also.

    I know it is some time away but when you are in Asia any assistance you need please let me know.


    “The more I make, the more I can give away”

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