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August 8th, 2009 - Motorcycle Safety Course

When I decided to take the motorcycle rider course, I was very much in denial on how it could further improve my riding skills. 15 hours later, riding a Kawasaki Super Sherpa around loops under unbelievably knowledgeable instructors Ken Conrad and Udell Sharp changed all that.

The first day started rather boring with a couple hours of classroom lecture and 2 hours of walking the motorcycle around without even firing it up. Around 1 pm we were off to lunch and upon return the real deal started. From that point on, it was probably the most fun I had practicing useful techniques and was instructed after each run on how to make it better.

The second day was the most intense and we rode for 7 hours until we completed our riding test and written exam. Those of us who passed the course were awarded with a certification of completion. I strongly recommend taking this course no matter how experienced you are. There is much to be gained and I am a living example of it.

I would like to thank the Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety Foundation for sponsoring this expedition and giving me an opportunity to take advantage of this masterful step by step instruction. I would also like to thank Ken Conrad for offering me a spot in his class and for his wonderful advice and suggestions. He is a top-notch rider and a caring teacher. Thank you, Ken.

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