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U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum Wage In Haiti So Hanes And Levis Would Stay Cheap
By Robert Johnson at Business Insider.

A Wikileaks post published on “The Nation” shows that the Obama Administration fought to keep Haitian wages at 31 cents an hour. This article was taken down by The Nation due to an embargo, but it was excerpted at Columbia Journalism Review.

It started when Haiti passed a law two years ago raising its minimum wage to 61 cents an hour. According to an embassy cable: “This infuriated American corporations Read the rest of the story…

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I know with what I’m about to write I will piss-off many religious people, some amongst my family, my close friends and colleagues, but to not write it, would be repressing myself, and I’ve had enough of that. When you censor yourself every day, you become another person and I despise that with vengeance.

Poverty in simple language is: Deprivation of essential chattels that others take for granted. The more I traveled, the more I became aware of these “others”. These “others” were the Read the rest of the story…

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